Wedding venue options

Wedding venue options by Robin G Patton

Indian River County has several wedding venue options. The following list is only a few options to consider.

Indoor venues:

  • The Heritage Center – 200 seated guests
  • Royal Ballroom – 3 different size spaces
  • Courthouse Executive Center – 2400 sq ft
  • Up the Creek Farms – seats 175 guests

Outdoor venues

  • Waldo’s Secret Garden – seats 120 guests
  • Cielo Blu Barn – 130 guests
  • Bellewood Plantation – seats 150 guests
  • Magnolia Manor – seats 120 guests

Hotel options:

  • Costa dEste – Oceanside – seats 100 guests
  • Vero Beach Hotel and Spa – Oceanside – seats 150 guests
  • Hampton Inn and Suites – Downtown Vero Beach

Now that you are aware of a few of our venues here is a list of questions you should ask.

  • What does the rental fee include? (Kitchen, prep area, tables, chairs, linens, rehearsal)
  • Read the contract and be aware of cancellation policy, liquor policy, security deposit, and plan B options.
  • Who is the venue contact person and what is their availability during your event?

Also, it’s important to select vendors that are familiar with your venue. Their familiarity will help your event run more smoothly.


1. If your caterer has previously worked at your chosen venue they will be more efficient and know the pros and cons of the venue. They will give you a more accurate quote of the staff needed rather than guess.

2. When your photographer is familiar with the venue they are aware of lighting issues and times. They already know where the best spots for beautiful backgrounds are.

I hope these tips were helpful….time flies when planning a wedding! 🙂