Wedding day drama

Every bride plans for a memorable wedding day. Unfortunately, avoiding wedding day drama is not part of the plan, drama just happens.

Recently I officiated a ceremony that was to begin at 4 pm. In the case of this particular wedding, the bride trusted that everyone, even her guests would arrive on time.

  • 3:30 I arrive
  • 3:45 guests began to arrive.
  • 3:55 the DJ arrived.
  • 4:00 the groom arrived
  • 4:15 guests were still arriving
  • 4:30 DJ is still setting up and more guests are arriving
  • 4:45 bride arrives
  • 4:50 guests are going to the restroom
  • 4:55 the DJ began playing music.
  • 5:00 hand-held mic not working and unavailable for the ceremony.
  • 5:05 the processional began
  • 5:10 the bride walks down the aisle
  • 5:25 ceremony is over

Even though the wedding began an hour late I remained calm, continued to smile and offered reassurance to the nervous groom. When the ceremony was over the bride and groom were happy to be husband and wife. That is why I love officiating.