The magic of adding a veil

Are you considering wearing a veil on your wedding day?

As a young girl, I would rehearse my wedding by wearing a towel or a long piece of fabric as my veil. My aisle was the hallway and my groom was Troy Donahue. It was fun to imagine walking down the aisle in a beautiful lace gown with a long veil. As a matter of fact, last year I bought a lace wedding dress and cathedral length veil at a garage sale for $15. Even though it is too small for me it is in my closet in a garment bag.

According to the staff at Kleinfeld’s in NYC and Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, adding a veil instantly adds romance and elegance. They suggest while you are wedding dress shopping, go ahead add a veil even if you think you do not need or want one.  There are many styles and lengths to choose from.

Veil length options are:

•             Bird Cage Wedding Veil: 4-9″

•             Blusher Wedding Veil: 30″

•             Shoulder-Length Wedding Veil: 20-22″

•             Elbow Wedding Veil: 32″

•             Fingertip Wedding Veil: 38-40″

•             Knee-Length Veil: 48″

•             Waltz Wedding Veil: 60″

•             Floor-Length Wedding Veil: 72″

•             Cathedral Veil: 120”

•             Royal Veil is more than 120”