Teddy and Xiang

Teddy and Xiang were married early one Sunday morning at a private beach.

Upon my arrival, Teddy greeted me right away.  I could see he was excited and happy to marry Xiang.  The weather was perfect.  His mom was serving as their photographer and babysitter to their newborn.

Xiang was calm, happy and a beautiful bride.  She wore a white dress and carried a small bouquet of flowers.

My favorite moment was watching Teddy as he waited for Xiang to walk down the aisle of sand and join us near the surf.  Once she arrived they held hands, looked into each other’s eyes.  He whispered, “I love you.”.  She gently nodded and smiled.

After the ceremony was over and the legal paperwork was done, I sent them on their first task as a married couple, which was to choose one seashell.  After they completed their task I told them to place it in their home where they could see it every day.  Looking at the shell would remind them of their vows and the happiness they felt on their wedding day.  They found their shell easily.  Teddy held it as if was a priceless treasure.

If you prefer a ceremony similar to Teddy and Xiang’s,  I am just the person to write and perform it.  Give me a call 772.925.9504, I would love to hear your ceremony ideas.