Sand ceremony

Sand ceremonies are a popular option that is easily added to a wedding ceremony.

The supplies needed are;

  • Table with linen
  • Keepsake vase
  • Different colors of sand for the bride and groom
  • If you are including your children, different colors of sand for each.
  • If you are getting married on the beach add an additional container to hold beach sand.

Options for keepsake container are;

  • Engraved container purchased online
  • Mason jar
  • Heart-shaped container with cork
  • Hourglass
  • Favorite beverage container; wine, beer or champagne

The sand ceremony is performed just after the rings are exchanged. A brief explanation of the meaning is explained by the officiant to your guests.

The individual containers of sand represent their lives before today. As the keepsake vase is filled the individual containers no longer exist.  The keepsake vase represents the blending of their lives and families from this day forward.”

After the sand ceremony is completed the keepsake vase is secured and placed on the sweetheart table or in a safe place. The keepsake vase should be given a place of honor in your home. It is important to be able to see the keepsake vase often and remember your wedding day.