Rescheduling your wedding

Photo provided by Meagan Pruett

Most recently, several couples have rescheduled due to COVID-19.  A few couples like Evan and Heather pictured above opted for a small ceremony at Twisted Oak Farm with only themselves and 6 in attendance.   It was my pleasure to pronounce them as Mr. and Mrs. Esteves on April 30, 2020

Things happen and wedding dates sometimes must be changed.  Which is why my cancellation policy is . . . to not have a cancellation policy.   While my role is essential to the wedding, I prefer to not complicate the situation.

When one of my couples needs to reschedule, I look for their new date and time and reserve it.  Their canceled date is now open for someone else to book.  If the couple cancels without rescheduling for any reason, no problem.  I open the date on my schedule and wish them well. Since they have not paid a deposit or any portion of my fee they are not out any money.  

I believe life and wedding days are too short and too precious to complicate either.