Ready, Set, Write

Writing a wedding ceremony

Writing a wedding ceremony is something I take pride in. After meeting the couple in person I have enough information to personalize their ceremony.

Sometimes destination couples or elopement couples are unable to meet face to face. So, we exchange emails, speak to each other on the phone or face-time.

After the ceremony is written it is emailed to the couple for review. Once approved we are ready for ceremony day.

Each ceremony includes instructions about the processional, where the bridal party and bride and groom stand during the ceremony as well as where their parents will be sitting.

Also included are

  • Welcome to Guests
  • Vows
  • Ring Exchange
  • Pronouncement
  • Lots of mentions about love, marriage and their future as a married couple.
  • And . . . the kiss!

Other ceremony elements couples may include are:

  • A moment of silence in remembrance of those unable to be at the ceremony.
  • Unplugged announcement – Guests are asked to be truly present during the ceremony by putting away their phones and cameras.
  • Handfasting
  • Unity ceremony, such as a sand ceremony or planting a family tree
  • Shared cup
  • Anniversary box
  • Rose exchange
  • Short prayer to bless their rings
  • Prayer circle