Pop-Up Wedding Ceremony

Looking for a fun wedding ceremony option?  Consider a pop-up ceremony.

A pop-up wedding is much like an elopement. A short and sweet ceremony consisting of the couple, officiant and a few guests.  The location is usually a meaningful location for the couple

The first pop-up ceremony I performed was for Summer and Fred.  She loves glass garden art by Dale Chihuly.  Luckily there was an exhibition of Chihuly glass at Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Miami.

One Saturday morning we met at the entrance of the garden.  Since Summer wanted to blend in with other visitors to the park we wore casual attire.  We walked through the garden until we found a beautiful blue glass sculpture by the pond.  It was the perfect location for Summer and Fred’s ceremony.

Once the ceremony began, many of the visitors to the garden stopped to see what was going on.  After their kiss, everyone applauded.

Summer and Fred loved strolling through the garden with a photographer.  They stopped at each piece of Chihuly glass to take photos.

Considering a pop-up ceremony?

  • Locations are endless
  • Budget-friendly
  • No stress
  • Perfect for a spontaneous couple