Photo courtesy of Tiffany Danielle Photography

I am often asked, “How did you get started in the wedding business?”

It began when I was a young girl.  I grew up in rural North Carolina and was part of a large family. My cousin Diane was getting married and I wanted to be her flower girl.  I dreamed that walking down the aisle in a cute dress and tossing flowers just before Diane appeared, would be magical.  Sadly, I was too shy to ask and someone else was chosen.  At a family event in 2016, I finally told Diane how much of an impact her wedding made on my life.  She was very excited to hear my story and began recalling her wedding day.  Before I left to come back to Florida she offered me her wedding dress.

In 2012 my co-worker Janice met Jimmy.  They fell in love and got engaged.  Janice and I talked about her March 2013 wedding during lunch breaks.  It was fun listening to her ideas and offering advice.  She knew I was a Florida notary and asked if I would officiate her ceremony.  My answer was “YES”.

After Janice and Jimmy’s wedding, it was clear officiating and planning weddings was the right path for me.   I decided on a company name . . .  Florida Event and Wedding Planning Services Inc.  I bought business cards, got a business license, insurance and began networking with local vendors and venues.  Even though event and wedding planning comes easily to me officiating is what I love.  And that is a brief description of how Married by Robin has evolved.

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“I love weddings.  Always have.  Always will.”

-Robin G. Patton