Hand washing ceremony

To symbolize a new beginning consider adding hand washing as part of your ceremony. On March 15th, 2019, I performed a hand washing for Taylor and Patricia at their ceremony in Heathcote Botanical Gardens. The following is an excerpt from their ceremony.

“Taylor and Patricia your life as a married couple begins today.  As with any new endeavor, it is best to start with a clean slate by putting problems big and small behind you. You come here today acknowledging that your love is bigger than any difficulties you may have experienced and you have chosen a life together. A hand washing ceremony signifies a cleansing and a way forgive.”

Taylor and Patricia wash their hands in a bowl of water.  As you are drying each other’s hands I will say…

“By washing each other’s hands, you are taking great care to do something for each other that is an act of service.  You promise to care for each other in this way as you start a new life together by having the courage to be open to each other.

As Taylor and Patricia were drying each other’s hands I noticed how they smiled at each other and took their time to dry each other’s hands.

During the entire ceremony they stood facing each other holding hands. Just before they exchanged rings I said a prayer to bless their hands and rings.

Mr. and Mrs. Dover