Grandmothers as flower ladies – LOVE IT!

Rachel and Patrick Givens wanted their Aug. 8 wedding at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills in Middletown, Connecticut, to be fun, inviting and undeniably them.

This included finding a unique way for the couple to include their grandmothers, Renee “DD” Ruben and Joanne C. Reich, in the ceremony.

“We asked them to be our flower ladies because we knew they would have the best time doing it,” Rachel says. “Also, the theme of our wedding was ‘adventure,’ and our grandmothers, who have always both loved to travel, have served as inspiration for us and our future adventures together.”

The women were instantly interested in taking on the role of “co-flower ladies.” Rachel’s grandmother “DD” pumped her fist and shouted, “All right!” in response to the offer.

So, on Rachel and Patrick’s big day – photographed by Allan Zepeda Photography – the adorably unconventional flower girls, who just met that weekend, strutted down the aisle arm-in-arm, tossing petals and beaming at the crowd. The guests responded with smiles of their own and thunderous applause.

The bride said that throughout the reception numerous people told her the flower ladies were the best thing they have ever seen. Rachel hopes her special wedding touch encourages other couples to personalize their weddings.

NOTE to my granddaughters Kassandra and Yuna . . . We are doing this at your weddings

The above article was written by KELLI BENDER  –  Photo by ALLAN ZEPEDA