Love will find you at any age

I had the pleasure to officiate Bill and Pat’s ceremony.  They are the sweetest couple with a great story.  They live in a retirement community and both are widowers.  When Bill moved into the community he got a lot of attention from the ladies.  Pat never dreamed she would marry again so she was unaware of Bill.  Finally one day they met.  They became good friends and a short time later they were an item.

Bill was retired but Pat was still working.  He would invite her over for dinner on the days she worked.  One day Pat came over for dinner.  She had a long day and was tired.  She asked Bill to give her some time to rest before eating.  And he did.  Before she got up from the couch he got down on one knee and said: “Marry me and you will never have to work again.”  She said “YES”.

Their ceremony was performed at Pat’s son’s home in Port St Lucie.  A few friends and their children were in attendance for their short sweet ceremony.  As they anxiously awaited for everyone to gather in the living room, I noticed how they lovingly looked at each other and could not stop smiling.  Throughout the ceremony, they never took their eyes off each other.  Their love and happiness were obvious to everyone in attendance.  I will never forget them.



Bill and Pat were married at age 82 and 83, they are proof that love will find you at any age.