22 Budget Saving Ideas for Your Wedding Day

While the big event-big budget weddings are still happening, more couples are opting for a smaller budget wedding of $10,000 or less.  To stay within budget couples are inviting only a few of their closest friends and family members.  They are also choosing to have one maid of honor, one best man and no groomsmen or bridesmaids. 

During the “get to know you” process of meeting my clients, I enjoy hearing them describe their wedding day and the decisions they have made thus far. Many times, they ask my opinion about wedding vendors or ask for budget-related ideas. 

As my slogan indicates “I love weddings.  Always have.  Always will.” I pay attention to all the details, even the small ones. So … here are a few budget saving ideas.

  • The couple should agree on the budget amount.
  • The couple should make a list of “must-haves” for their wedding day.
  • The couple should agree on the guest list.
  • Incorporate a $500 emergency contingency into your budget.  Any unused monies go into your honeymoon fund. 
  • Choose a venue close to your home. 
  • Choose local vendors. 
  • Choose a venue that offers ceremony and reception areas.
  • Purchase an event/wedding policy that includes liability coverage for the venue with a cancellation clause. 
  • Consider the time of year and the time of day for your ceremony and reception. 
  • Avoid the heat of summer for an outdoor only venue.  
  • If you are expecting more than 40 guests look for venues that offer a package to include tables, chairs, linen, and décor items.
  • If you plan to have 30 guests or less look for venues that offer elopement packages.
  • Other venue options: your church, an outdoor park, clubhouse, your home/backyard.
  • Plan a simple weekend honeymoon.
  • Buy “off the rack” for the groom’s attire and the bride’s dress.
  • Stock the bar yourself. 
  • Be sure to have enough ice and self-serve drink options.
  • Make your Save the Dates and wedding invitations.
  • Create a wedding website.
  • Rather than receiving a wedding gift ask close friends/family to purchase or contribute towards your wedding cake or flowers.
  • Ask a creative family member or friend to help with decor items.
  • Hire a local family-owned restaurant to cater.

Most importantly . . . When it comes to photography and videography hire a professional photographer.  Discuss your “must-have” photo list, the amount of time needed and their hourly rate. Your wedding day is not the time for a well-meaning family member or friend to photograph your once in a lifetime event.