Should we include a ring-bearer and flower girl?

Having a ring-bearer and a flower girl is often considered the cuteness factor for “AWH” moments. Their entrance lightens the mood as they walk down the aisle. Often photographers will photograph their every step because you never know what they may do.

Expect them to

  • Be nervous, especially in front of people they do not know.
  • Possibly walk half way and turn around.
  • Be looking down and not smiling.
  • Be concentrating on walking in a straight line.
  • Have a serious look on their face rather than smiling.
  • Run rather than walk down the aisle.
  • Not want to stand during the ceremony.
  • Get distracted.
  • Drop the flower basket or pillow.
  • Not understand their role or, totally ace their role like 9-year-old Brantley.


Brantley totally aced being a ring-bearer at his parents March 9, 2019 ceremony. He paid attention at rehearsal and knew all he had to do is walk down the aisle holding the pillow and stand beside his dad.

On the day of the ceremony, I noticed that Brantley was standing patiently and holding the pillow. I walked over to say hi. While we were talking he stood very still holding the pillow perfectly. Usually, the ring-bearer will have fake rings on the pillow and the best man will have the rings in his pocket, just in case the ring-bearer does not make it down the aisle. Brantley was entrusted with the real rings and he took it very seriously. He stood by his dad’s side during the ceremony and was ready to hand over the rings when it was time.