Kids say the darndest things

Kids say the darndest things when you hand them a microphone.

Today’s ceremony was definitely memorable because of the 4-year-old ring-bearer, Connor. I should mention Connor is the son of the bride and groom. He walked down the aisle and decided to stand by me rather than the best man. As the ceremony began he was reaching for the microphone. So I said…”Before we continue Connor has something to say.” I put the mic near his mouth and he was so excited to say a few words. We continued on with the vows.

Connor was still by my side tugging on my jacket so for the second time I turned the mic over to Connor. He said a few words into the mic. Next was the exchange of wedding rings. After his parents exchanged rings and said “I do” he tugged on my jacket again. And once again I turned the mic to Connor. On queue he said “I do” and the guests applauded. 

Before leaving I went to wish the bride and groom well. The bride hugged me and said ” Thank you for including Connor. Who knew he had so much to say.”