Why a wedding rehearsal is important

Having a rehearsal the day before the ceremony is a key element to lower stress and here is why.

  • Many issues are settled at the rehearsal.
  • Less likely the members of the bridal party will arrive late or get lost on ceremony day since they were present at the rehearsal.
  • Processional and recessional order is determined.
  • Ever one knows where they will stand during the ceremony.
  • Your parents know where they sit.
  • If teens or children are involved it is important they attend so they are not scared or confused on the wedding day.

You . . . got engaged

You . . . bought a dress, a suit, shoes and wedding rings.

You . . . hired a caterer, bartenders, photographer, DJ, officiant, florist, bakery and a venue.

You . . . invited guests and selected your wedding party.

You . . . spent time and money planning your wedding.

Don’t forget to schedule a rehearsal to include the wedding party, your parents, and your children.  After the rehearsal invite them to dinner to get caught up on what everyone has been doing and to relax and reminisce.