Miss Bond is now Mrs Yates

On March 12th, 2018 at 5 PM Miss Chelsea Bond became Mrs.Yates.

Chelsea and Rick live in England.  I met with them a week before their wedding day to discuss options for their ceremony.   Our meeting took place at the site of their ceremony, Jaycee Beach.  I prefer meeting with couples to get to know them, ask questions in a relaxing atmosphere and see how they interact with one another.

Our meeting took about 45 minutes.  They told me about their first date, first kiss, their pets and their future plans.  They were funny, loving and very flirty with each other.   It was easy to see they were a perfect fit.  We also talked about why they chose Vero Beach for their ceremony.  Rick’s grandmother, Brenda is a very important person to them.  Since she lives in Vero Beach a beach wedding would be perfect.

After the meeting, I went home smiling because I knew their ceremony was going to be so much fun.

Ceremony day

It was a breezy sunny day and the ocean was calm.  The only ones present were me, Chelsea, Rick, Brenda and local photographer Liz Cowie.  Chelsea was wearing a lovely long lace dress and carrying a beautiful bouquet and wearing heels.  Rick was wearing a jacket, white shirt, and white shorts.   Before going on the beach Rick took Chelsea’s shoes off.  Once we found a nice spot on the beach I started the ceremony.  They exchanged vows and rings and I sang one line of their favorite song by Al Green (“Let’s stay together”).  The line I sang was “Loving you forever is all I neeeeeed.”  They loved it and that was the first time I sang during a ceremony.

You may be wondering, why I chose to sing rather than just say the line.   During our meeting the week before, when I asked: “What is your favorite song?” Rick jokingly replied, “Why, are you going to sing for us?”   And I did!

Memorable ceremonies are my goal.